RentersAssistance.org offers a FREE directory of assistance programs and organizations to help families and individuals with a loss of income, disability, emergency etc. These programs range from rent assistance to unemployment benefits and healthcare coverage.


The programs listed on the website are offered from government organizations, charities and non-profits; not from RentersAssistance.org themselves. Each program and organization have their own eligibility criteria and rules. Readers must reach out directly to these organizations for support.


RentersAssistance.org is not a representative of any of the organizations or programs listed. We do not guarantee the; requirements, legitimacy or accuracy of any program or organization listed on this website.


RentersAssistance.org does display advertisements to offset the cost of operating and maintain this FREE directory. Please contact us if you have any questions in regards to listings vs. advertisements.


Updating or Removing a Listing

If you are an organization listed on this website and would like to have your program listing updated or removed, please specify the name of the program and our website address(es) it appears on. It is important that you provide the specific website address; not just “https://rentersassistance.org.” We are unable to makes changes without the correct and complete information of the specific listing.


All moderators are volunteers and response times will vary. Please be patient.